This is so great. My favorite show + one of my own songs. Found it at random and am so happy right now, haha.

"Sea Of Love" (cover) ft. Andrew Huang (songstowearpantsto) - Raven Zoë

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Ep1: DinoPigs


The first episode of Tea With Todd. WHAT YOU KNOW BOUT THAT

My friend Todd has a new podcast and asked me to do the intro music for him. So I did. He also featured me at the end, wee. Go check it out. It’s mad funny.

Raven Zoe - skyscraper cover

"Skyscraper" cover - Raven Zoë

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"Skyscraper" - Demi Lovato COVER

Shed Sessions: “Heaving Chest” (original)

Just found this MP3 of my vocals mixed by Michael Aranda. Swoon. He makes me sound better than I am.

My “Rolling In The Deep” cover that I teased you guys about last week! Just in time for Glee! Check it out. And if you like it, share it with your friends. Reblog it. Whatever. <3

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My cover of Taylor Swift’s “Mean” (since the music video just came out). If you like it, spread it around.

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Raven Zoë - "Rolling In The Deep cover" teaser

Heard this song was gonna be on Glee next week and had been meaning to cover Adele for a while now and saw it as a good opportunity. But it’s Adele and I don’t want to embarass myself. So, what do you say, guys? Is it shitty? Should I just stop now before your ears start bleeding?

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